Directed by Ondi Timoner. With Bjørn Lomborg, Hashem Akbari, Joe Barton, Ed Begley Jr.. A documentary that takes an alternative approach to dealing with the. [email protected] Recommended Citation. Bortscheller, Mary J. “Cool It : The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming by Bjørn Lomborg. Bjørn Lomborg is the best-informed & most humane advocate for environmental change in the world today. In contrast to other figures that promote a single issue .

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But, Lomberg won me over.

Fishy fishy fishy, that’s all I have to say. The basic premise of the book is laid out in the first chapter with four main arguments: The amount of starvation may go up, but far less lombogg population grows. The references for these pages all point to a study by economist William Nordhaus. For anyone who wants an overview of the global warming debate from an objective source, this brief text is a good place to start.

Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming – Wikipedia

Have we all collectively lost our minds? Want to Read saving…. The only issue I really have with Cool It comes to food production. As fossil fuels become more expensive due to increased scarcity, it seems to me that hoping for a healthier, wealthier third-world may not be a sufficient strategy to stave off climate disruption.

The book is relatively short but its full of information. I recommend watching no matter what your current paradigm. His 1st book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, established the importance of a fact-based approach. As with the last book, where several of the scientists whose data he used said he had grossly misrepresented it, this book is lomborf of false uses of data.

Instead, he fully accepts the very clear science that tells us that the earth is bjornn, that humans bear some of the responsibility, and there will be negative consequences increased flooding, more frequent and more powerf Excellent book about climate change, and the choices we face over the next century. Peter Foster, Financial Post A must-see!

Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Today’s environmentalist movement has been turned into a cheap religion, where one can feel morally superior to others, and can feel good about oneself, by such puerile means as using a certain kind of lightbulb, driving a certain kind of car, recycling, or donating to certain non-profits.


Here’s a quote that summaries the book well: There’s gold in being a denier I guess, but don’t wast your time here — just listen to Fox News if you need to deny reality. Feb 19, Bonnie E. Its detractors will likely point to the age of the research, which is the reason for my initial comment on a needed update. That is a bad thing and a sad thing.

No trivia or quizzes yet. To ask other readers questions about Cool Itplease sign up. Audible Download Audio Books. After establishing the actual effects of global warming, he starts to examine the costs and benefits of proposed solutions, and finds most of them, particularly Kyoto, wanting. In his own words, the argument in this book is: Not wanting to condemn it without reading Lomborg’s position first, I made a valiant effort to read this all the way through, but grew increasingly disturbed at the way he reduces, simplifies, and misrepresents the arguments of many committed environmentalists, as he offers a rather smug economist’s reaction to the fact that global warming is A conservative friend gave me this book for Christmas, saying it stimulated her book club to have a thoughtful discussion about the global warming debate.

Why are we reaching for the most expensive, most divisive, most politically unlikely solution–a massive reduction in human’s CO2 production?

Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming

They disagree over many details; they don’t disagree about the basic fact of evolution. Cool It promises to be one of the most talked about and influential books of our time. Vool now large investments should be made in new t I didn’t know it until pulling up the Wikipedia profile, but Lomborg is a controversial figure. A lot of the fear-mongering that occurs among the major player in the environmental dialogue compare modern day damages, both real and hypothetical, with those of the past.

He cites Nobel laureates and says that ‘leading climate scientists’ support X and Y statement about cold deaths and heat deaths and yadda yadda yadda. I have at times been surprised and my intuitions about a book proved completely wrong. Was this review helpful to you?

The problem is that we don’t yet know for sure what’s going on, the models are pomborg very complicated, and even the experts disagree. Maybe he’s just out to stir up controversy. Professor Lomborg rightly points out that we can’t simply focus on Co2 reductions as a solution to all of our problems.

Though the stats are relayed quite matter-of-factly, many of his statements are assumptive, at least for the average reader who has not researched or read widely on this topic. On my “most important reads of ” informal list at the moment.


Spending money reducing greenhouse emissions today will reduce the negative impact of those emissions in the future.

But perhaps that’s the answer – maybe he’s not trying to convince anyone. Although Friel engages in some bothersome overkill, overall his analysis is compelling. Arguments presented here are faulty, evidence is highly selective, the opposing side is oversimplified to an extreme and then belittled, and there is lojborg awareness that major lifestyle and behavior changes must occur in a wasteful, self-indulgent consumer society like the United States.

Seriously though, good read. Himself archive footage Jagdish Bhagwati What is the cheapest way to do the most good?

No, the polar bears aren’t going to go extinct. Lomborg, an economist, argues that we need t No, the polar bears aren’t going to lombirg extinct. Instead, he fully accepts the very clear science that tells us that the earth is warming, that humans bear some of the responsibility, and there will be negative consequences increased flooding, more frequent and more powerful storms, more malnutrition, more diseases like malaria, etc.

Outstanding and well documented summary of the climate debated from an economic point-of-view. By addressing them, we can help more people, at a lower cost, with a much higher chance of success than by pursuing drastic climate policies at a cost of billions of dollars. Lomborg looks at global warming and the proposed solutions with the unflinching eye of an economist, and discovers that most of the hype and hysteria is unjustifiable, and that most of the political solutions offered will make things worse for future generations.

By making every utterance an hyperbolic, breathless prediction of global catastrophe, then calling anyone who questions their prognostications a ‘denier,’ they have managed to stifle important conversations about how we might best prepare for the changes in our environment. It’s not an anti-environmental polemic but rather, a thoughtful and logically presented point of view about an issue that has polarized people to such an extent that we sometimes find it difficult to listen to one another.